“Under the Hood”
Pastel & Acrylic
Artwork Size: 59 x 89 cm

Reference photos courtesy of:
John Botton
Scotch Macaskill

The Savannah Elephant and the Cape Mountain Zebra are two of the most sobering and successful conservation efforts globally in recent years. The Savannah Elephant population throughout the African continent has fallen sharply, by nearly a third (144,000 animals) between 2007 and 2014, primarily due to poaching for ivory. The current rate of decline is 8% a year (Great Elephant Census).

The Cape Mountain Zebra endemic to South Africa has made a remarkable recovery from less than 100 animals in the 1990’s to over 5,000 in 2016. At an annual rate of increase of 9%, the relatively small population is no longer threatened with extinction. This success is largely due to the collaborative and decisive action of conservationists, National Parks departments and private land owners (SAnews.gov.za).