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"Perendale Ewe"

"Merino - Little Valley"


"The Gathering" - sold

"Simmental Bull" - sold

"Silkie Bantam"

"Captured Attention"

"Merino Ram - Wairau Valley" - sold

"Mind's Eye"

"Delicate Balance" 

"Bee Hummingbird"

"Within the Realm"

"Woven Wings"



"Under the Hood" - sold

"Southern Cassowary"

"Southern Cassowary II"


"Tuatara II"

"Cloaked in Chartreuse"

"Kaitiaki o Ngahere"

"Piwakawaka II"


"High Hopes" - sold

"Silvereye and Kowhai" - sold


"Ngirungiru III"


"Piwakawaka - Black Morph III"


"Korokoro Tui"

"Piwakawaka - Black Morph II" - sold

"Piwakawaka - Black Morph IV"


"Riroriro II"

"Piwakawaka - Black Morph"


"Karearea II"

"Miha Paikea"

"Piwakawaka Study"

"Wide-eyed" - sold

"Layers" - sold

"Ever-changing" - sold

"Ngirungiru II" - sold

"Tui" - sold


"Return - Wairau River"

"Ngirungiru" - sold

"Riroriro" - sold

"NZ Fur Seal"

"NZ Fur Seal II"

"Honey Bee"

"Turning Point - Wairau River"

"Bumblebee & Hebe"

"Black Fronted Terns - Wairau River"

"Resting Place - T.S.S. Waverly"

"Salvin's Albatross"

"The Honeyeaters" (Quadtych)

"On the Perch" (Silvereye)

"On the Perch II" - sold


"The Wanderers"

"Antipodean Albatross"

"Welcome Swallow"

"Back from the Brink"

"Australasian Gannet and Chick"


"Portrait of a Monarch" - Takahe



"Morning Flight"

"North Island Brown Kiwi"


"Kereru" - sold

"South Island Saddleback" (Tieke)

"South Island Saddleback Juvenile"

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