Original Pastel
Artwork Size: 59 x 89cm

This portrait is of our dear departed dog Heidi. She was adorable. A smoochy pooch who was gentle and talkative, with a big body wag. A quietly confident brave heart, she always stood her ground with any dominant dogs. However, once a cow chased her and she went like the clappers. With a "what's the weather got to do with it" staunchness, everyday she couldn't wait to visit the haunt that we frequented, the nearby Wairau River. As agile as a monkey, Heidi was very energetic & competitive. She loved to swim, retrieve & run and was forever engaging her amazing senses on our walks together. Together we loved road trips and exploring new places. We took her with us everywhere from Northland to Central Otago .

Back in her early days I was lucky enought to adopt her from the Bay of Islands S.P.C.A. She was our pawfection. Heidi passed away peacefully in 2017 at the age of 16.